By: Klemen Romih


What is a shamanic drum? 

The shamanic drum is my friend. It helps me alternate between states of consciousness. It also helps with understanding and changing my bodily sensations and energy states. Above all, it allows me to express myself through the creation of sound.

Who would I recommend a shamanic drum to?

I would recommend it to anyone who may need additional support in meditation. The act of drumming itself is a kind of active meditation through which each individual expresses himself in his way, through movement, the sound of the drum, and his own voice. All this contributes to a more balanced human functioning in everyday life.

I also recommend it to anyone who wants to travel into other dimensions consciously.  They can communicate with their spiritual leaders and aides. Together they can help create balance throughout the Universe. Together with the human voice, the sound of the drum lets the spiritual world know that our approach to the matter is serious.  Because of all this, our true intention and the very communication with the spiritual guides are strengthened.


How do we use a shamanic drum? 

Shamanic drumming differs from ordinary drumming in that a steady, rhythmic drumming characterizes it. Such drumming has many beneficial effects on our physical body and our consciousness.

In some shamanic practices, the drum represented the leading horse who explores different worlds and dimensions of space and time – a shamanic journey. Drumming in a specific rhythm gets a person’s brain from a beta to a theta state. This awakens our dream body and gives us more accessible passage to the visions and information we need regarding the trip’s intention. For reaching this state, it is necessary to beat the drum about 200 – 220 times per minute at a steady pace.

The drum can be used for various purposes. When the drum is played in a slow and calm rhythm, it helps our body calm down by adjusting to the rhythm. With loud and fast drumming, we can quickly get an extra energy boost when needed.


How does a shamanic drum help change society? 

As noted above, the shamanic drum is a powerful tool for self-expression – anything we cannot say using words can be expressed through drumming. It also helps us reach and open levels of consciousness, through which we can get to know ourselves, the world and reality, and connect with the whole of existence. The shamanic drum will become an indispensable tool in our spiritual development. Shamanic drumming also has a proven beneficial effect on the physical body, as it relaxes, calms, and harmonizes it. Through even drumming, both hemispheres of our brain begin to adjust and reconcile, which is crucial for a healthy life.

Drums and group drumming also bring people and communities together. The energy and connection created on a shamanic drum gathering bring to our lives something that is missing – greater harmony in the community, tearing down barriers and limitations between people, bringing light, joy, and coexistence.

And remember, shamanic drumming can also be fun, sending endorphins through the body and bringing a smile to our faces.


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