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Rapé is a sacred medicine used by tribes in the Amazon for millennia.

Rapé is a mixture of powdered medicinal herbs. Its preparation and ingredients vary according to the culture and customs of shamans, healers who make it.

The medicine is ground into a fine powder and blown into each nostril with a blower (usually made of bamboo).

The first sensation is burning, but tingling and tension may also occur in the third eye, crown chakra, or any other head area. The vast majority also experience irritation in the nasal cavity and sneezing, which is quite normal and even desirable, as sneezing also allows you to clean the nasal cavity and the frontal area where mucus accumulates.

It is essential to hold the medicine in for a few minutes before blowing it out. However, when the cleansing of the nasal cavity begins, we thoroughly clean it all and do not try to keep anything in the nostrils. The medicine sometimes also tries to clean the mucus that accumulates in the throat, leading to vomiting.

Mucus and small particles that gather in the head’s frontal lobe area can cause many discomforts on the physical level, such as allergies, headaches, sinus problems, or difficulty breathing through the nose.

On the energy level, they prevent the impeccable and coordinated functioning of the third eye chakra.

How does the Rapé medicine ritual take place? 

We can blow the medicine into our nostrils with a self-applicator pipe called a Kuripe. It can be blown into us by another person, with a pipe called Tepi, intended for sharing medicine with others.

It is vital that when we share the medicine with others, we must be present “in the moment” with balanced energy and harmony. We vibrate in Love and share it with the right purpose. Otherwise, negative energy or negative emotions can be transferred to the other person while blowing the medicine.ž

It is also vital that we use Rapé in the right way.

It often happens that some people use Rapé casually, without purpose, without a ritual, while watching television or while performing some other activities. They use it for revitalization and instant relaxation, which does not represent the proper respect or more profound connection with the medicine it deserves.

Medicine should be used as medicine – with purpose, respect, and in the proper circumstances.

Before snuffing Rapé medicine, we calm down for at least a minute or two. We focus our intention on the ritual ahead. We can light a candle on our altar, an incense stick, a Palo Santo stick, or any other incense we use, thus getting the room ready to use this medicine. Only then can we blow the medicine into both nostrils.

Rapé can be used as a drug to free up and prepare an individual for other rituals, sound therapies, or similar ceremonies for raising vibration or any other spiritual activity. Its energy grounds us in the Present, calms our thoughts, increases concentration, and relaxes our body and mind.

Rapé is not a psychoactive medicine and does not cause visions, but it can help with meditation, visualization, and other energy practices when used correctly and for its intended purpose.

Other uses for Rapé:

  • Relieving headaches and chronic migraines
  • Treatment of sinusitis and pollen allergies, animal hair, etc.
  • Helps to clear the full nose when having a cold
  • Cleanses and harmonizes our energy field, especially the third eye chakra
  • It connects us to the Cosmic Energy and the energy of Mother Earth

To learn more about the medicine and the Rapé ritual, contact:

Darija at [email protected] or

Ana at [email protected]



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