White Copal essential resin


White Copal – Essential Resin (Bursera jorullense)

Quantity: 30 ml in a glass bottle (approx. 17 g)

For meditations and rituals & energetic cleansing of rooms

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The Maya and the Aztecs considered Copal a sacred resin. It purifies the air and creates a peaceful and calm environment. It is used for energy cleansing, protection, and positive change, peace and harmony, rituals, meditation. 

Copal’s smoke opens the crown chakra. It works by freeing the mind of anxiety and negative thoughts, boosting concentration. Copal resin’s smoke penetrates the blockages responsible for the stagnation of energy circulation throughout the body. 

Scent: mild, soft, and unobtrusive.

Purpose: relaxes, harmonizes, purifies, and creates a positive atmosphere before treatment 

Application: light a piece of charcoal and let it heat up thoroughly. Then add some resin grains and indulge in the scents. If needed, more resin can be added at any time.

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