Torus-shaped stones

Pi stone is a small circular stone with a hole in the middle. This shape is also known as a torus (a three-dimensional disc with a hole in the middle).

In symbolism, Pi stones have many different meanings. One of them is that they represent our energy field and the energy of the Universe. Their round shape also refers to Unity.

The unique shape of Pi stones allows energy to flow from below through the center, around and over the shape, back down on the sides and up again through the center. It is a constant three-dimensional flow of energy. Energy similarly circulates in humans. It goes up through the middle of the body, across the crown chakra, and down through the radiant energy body. A torus energy field that surrounds us is created in this way.

Traditionally, torus-shaped stones were used for protection. They protect our energy field by strengthening it.

The Pi stone shape is found all over the world. Among many things, it symbolizes a portal, a transition to other dimensions, other worlds. The stones are just symbols that remind us that actually, we are these portals. When we accept this and become an entry point to infinity, our radiant energy body frees itself from the shackles of time. We will no longer be puppets of the past and our past experiences. We will become our future and the destiny that reaches back and pushes us into self-knowledge and awareness.

Pi stones represent our strength and ability to act as conductors of energy. They are the stones of manifestation.

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