White sage grows along the California coastal mountains. It is one of the most potent herbs used for ceremonial smoking. It has a rich aroma and a strong purifying effect that works both on the energetic and physical levels (it has also been proven to remove bacteria from the air).

Due to its wide range of beneficial effects, it has been considered sacred for a long time. You can use it for cleansing a room, a person, or an object. It could be burned as a sacrifice or as a gift for the Spirits.



Blue sage grows from North to Central America. Its flowers are a beautiful purple-blue color, hence its name.

The scent of blue sage is less intense than the scent of white sage. Therefore, it is suitable for people who feel that the scent of white sage is too strong for them.

It has a similar objective as white sage; it also has a strong purifying effect on all levels.



Cedar is one of the essential plants traditionally used for ceremonial smoking and protection. It has a gentle but significant effect. First and foremost, cedar is an herb used for protection. It cleanses the room of all previous, unwanted energies and protects people, spaces, or objects from unwelcome effects, energies.

Traditionally, cedar is used in rituals performed in Indian saunas called “Temazcal.” A pinch of dried cedar is placed on the smoldering stones, where it immediately releases its purifying smoke and its rich aroma. Cedar smoke draws in all the supporting energies and spirits and eliminates everything we don’t need.

Cedar is one of the four sacred plants used in the traditional Indian medicinal wheel. It represents South. The other three sacred plants are white sage – West; sweetgrass – North and tobacco – East.


Yerba Santa, or Holy Herb, grows along the California coastal mountains. It is a sacred plant of Native Americans, known for its healing powers.

It supports the respiratory system, makes breathing easier, liberates the heart and lungs, and releases unexpressed emotions. Yerba Santa nurtures and protects. Use it when you need encouragement and bravery. It can be used for cleansing a room, a person, or an object. It could be burned as a sacrifice or as a gift for the Spirits.

Due to its wide range of beneficial effects, the Holy Herb has always been used to prepare healing ointments and teas.



Light the incense and let it burn for a moment, blow it out and place it on a fireproof surface, container or seashell. The roll will burn on its own, releasing rich, aromatic smoke.

The incense needs plenty of air to produce enough smoke. Traditionally a large bird feather has been used for this purpose.

The process can be repeated whenever the incense stops smoking. When finished cleansing, simply leave the roll in a fireproof container.

If the incense burns very strongly and does not stop smoking, the lit part of the incense can be pressed moderately against the bottom of the fireproof container extinguishing the fire smoke completely.

If you have scraps or debris of incense or crushed cedar leaves, they can be placed in a small container or a seashell and lit with a lighter. These remains will also catch fire. Blow them out and do your cleansing.

Incense scarps can also be lit with the help of charcoal. Light one charcoal and place it in a fireproof container. When the charcoal smolders, sprinkle a pinch of incense on it. The incense will immediately begin to release its aromatic smoke.

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