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Here is the exciting follow-up to the international #1 bestselling Law of Brand Attraction 1. The Law Of Brand Attraction 2 is the World’s most essential ‘how to’ guide for every visionary business owner that’s ever dreamed of building a global movement and making a real difference in the world.
Each strategy is easy to learn, fast to implement and enables you to build a magnetic movement around the gifts and talents you ALREADY HAVE. Featuring 27 inspired thought leaders from The Visionary Hub, plus Dr John Demartini from The Secret, this powerful book shares how every visionary business owner can build a highly personalised brand that creates a Ripple of Impact on a Global and social scale. Edited by the Founder of Brand Builders Club and Visionary Hub, Sammy Blindell. This book, while guiding emerging movement makers to create a future that positively impacts our world, is also giving 100% of royalties earned from both the Kindle and paperback sales to B1G1 – Business For Good – for the first 90 days of publication. Through their incredible work, they have made it possible for us to support social and environmental impact projects all over the world, enabling us to ‘drop it forward’ to communities in desperate need of our help to make their world a better place too. It has never been more critical than now to use our businesses for good.

Foreword: Dr John Demartini
Intro: Sammy Blindell

Part One – Own Your IDENTITY
Chapter 1 – Deborah FreeSpirit When Life Gets In The Way, It’s Time To Come Home To Your S.O.U.L.
Chapter 2 – Dee Twentyman Who are you? Living without Labels
Chapter 3 – Lisa King How To Use The Power Of S.E.L.F.L.O.V.E To Catapult Your Movement
Chapter 4 – Lorna Munro A Synthesis of Soul Wisdom – Nine Steps to Owning Your Identity Through Soul Wisdom
Chapter 5 – Penelope Layzell The Call of Freedom

Part Two – Own Your VALUE
Chapter 6 – Jenni Winter-Leach Stop Making Excuses And Make Your D.R.E.A.M A Reality
Chapter 7 – Grant Murrell How To Make It Without Faking It
Chapter 8 – Mary Gregory Get Over Yourself And Lead – Five Strategies For Transcending Your Fear Based Ego
Chapter 9 – Bolutiwi Aiyesimoju Ego to Essence – The Rise of A Phoenix
Chapter 10 – Claudine Matthews From Debilitating Self-Image to Conquering Your Comfort Zone!

Part THREE – Own Your GIFT
Chapter 11 – Aleksandra Rehar From Sabotage To Success – How To Have It All Without Losing Yourself
Chapter 12 – Navin Jaitly The Inner and Outer Game of Successful Selling
Chapter 13 – Jane Butterworth Self-Sovereignty – Your Key to a Higher Vibe
Chapter 14 – Helen Jane Reawaken Your Purpose
Chapter 15: Sunita Koshal Value Your Gifts Within

Part FOUR – Own Your IMPACT
Chapter 16 – Téa Staegemann From Monster Mum to Legacy Luminary – How One Decision Can Skyrocket Your Impact and Legacy
Chapter 17 – Donna Riley Miracles Through Movement – All The Answers Are Held In Your Body
Chapter 18 – Daniel Wood Getting Ready to ROAR – A Father’s Entrepreneurial Journey From FAILURE to VICTORY
Chapter 19 – Debra Sofia Magdalene Raise Your Frequency, Raise Your Game
Chapter 20 – Uroš Brezavšček Become A Global S.H.I.F.T. Maker!

Part FIVE – Own Your LANE
Chapter 21 – Gaby Gonzalez Become The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Your Brand
Chapter 22 – Kay Storey Create The Perfect Storm Around Your Brand
Chapter 23 – Lorraine Crookes Empowered Life = Empowered Business
Chapter 24: Carol Vincie Isn’t It About Time You Owned Your Gift?
Chapter 25: Mark Stephen Pooler From Zero Visibility to Hero Credibility – How To Transform Your Brand Into A Global Movement!

The Law Of Brand Attraction 1 is available on Kindle and Paperback on Amazon.