A pendulum is an object attached to a string or a chain. Pendulums are usually made of metal or crystal.

It is a valuable tool for acquiring information that the ordinary senses cannot recognize. With proper use, it can become an extension of a person’s insights.

We choose the suitable pendulum for ourselves, following the principle of resonance. We accept the one which we feel is ideal for us. It will be the one that “calls out to us.” Our rational mind must be involved in the selection process as little as possible. We must let our intuition choose for us.

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The first thing we need to do when acquiring a new pendulum is to clean it energetically. We can do this with smoke (natural incense), water, or in some other way dearest to us. However, the cleansing only works if a firm intention ‘to clean at all levels’ is present.

It is recommended to connect tightly with the pendulum before first use. We can do this by carrying it with us all the time, putting it under the pillow while sleeping, keeping it close while we meditate, etc…

Before using it for the first time, it is vital to find out and determine how the pendulum will communicate with us. We do this by holding the pendulum by the string and simply asking it, “What is the answer for “yes?” The pendulum will swing back and forth or left and right. Sometimes it can also rotate in a circle. If it rotates, remember (or write down) the direction of rotation. Repeat the procedure to get the answer for “no.”

Once we have a clearly defined swing (or rotation) direction for “yes” and “no,” we can start working with our pendulum.

We hold the pendulum in our hand and place the palm of the other hand flat on a table or any other solid surface for grounding. The end of the pendulum string should rest in the right palm, where it acts as an antenna. The pendulum should hang few centimeters below the palm and should not touch the surface of the table. First, we ask for permission to use the pendulum here and now. If the answer is yes, we continue with the questioning.

Please note that you must be fully present and focused on the issue at hand when using the pendulum. The questions should be clear and well-defined.

If the pendulum refuses to move, it means that we are not yet ready for the answer or that we are subconsciously blocking the flow of energy which would help us receive this answer. We must stop asking questions, put away the pendulum, and try later, at a more appropriate time.

Our subconscious mind uses the brain to send signals through neurological pathways that control muscles causing them to twitch and move the pendulum in a specific direction.

Communication with the pendulum also means communication with our inner guidance, our intuition, our subconsciousness. Our thought patterns can restrain the flow of energy, cause us to get indefinite answers, or force the pendulum to stand still.

Pendulum questioning is an elegant tool to help us develop hidden abilities, explore our inner world, and receive essential pieces of information to our insights.

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