SHAMANIC DRUM – a tool for changing reality

By: Klemen Romih


What is a shamanic drum? 

The shamanic drum is my friend. It helps me alternate between states of consciousness. It also helps with understanding and changing my bodily sensations and energy states. Above all, it allows me to express myself through the creation of sound.

Who would I recommend a shamanic drum to?

I would recommend it to anyone who may need additional support in meditation. The act of drumming itself is a kind of active meditation through which each individual expresses himself in his way, through movement, the sound of the drum, and his own voice. All this contributes to a more balanced human functioning in everyday life.

I also recommend it to anyone who wants to travel into other dimensions consciously.  They can communicate with their spiritual leaders and aides. Together they can help create balance throughout the Universe. Together with the human voice, the sound of the drum lets the spiritual world know that our approach to the matter is serious.  Because of all this, our true intention and the very communication with the spiritual guides are strengthened.


How do we use a shamanic drum? 

Shamanic drumming differs from ordinary drumming in that a steady, rhythmic drumming characterizes it. Such drumming has many beneficial effects on our physical body and our consciousness.

In some shamanic practices, the drum represented the leading horse who explores different worlds and dimensions of space and time – a shamanic journey. Drumming in a specific rhythm gets a person’s brain from a beta to a theta state. This awakens our dream body and gives us more accessible passage to the visions and information we need regarding the trip’s intention. For reaching this state, it is necessary to beat the drum about 200 – 220 times per minute at a steady pace.

The drum can be used for various purposes. When the drum is played in a slow and calm rhythm, it helps our body calm down by adjusting to the rhythm. With loud and fast drumming, we can quickly get an extra energy boost when needed.


How does a shamanic drum help change society? 

As noted above, the shamanic drum is a powerful tool for self-expression – anything we cannot say using words can be expressed through drumming. It also helps us reach and open levels of consciousness, through which we can get to know ourselves, the world and reality, and connect with the whole of existence. The shamanic drum will become an indispensable tool in our spiritual development. Shamanic drumming also has a proven beneficial effect on the physical body, as it relaxes, calms, and harmonizes it. Through even drumming, both hemispheres of our brain begin to adjust and reconcile, which is crucial for a healthy life.

Drums and group drumming also bring people and communities together. The energy and connection created on a shamanic drum gathering bring to our lives something that is missing – greater harmony in the community, tearing down barriers and limitations between people, bringing light, joy, and coexistence.

And remember, shamanic drumming can also be fun, sending endorphins through the body and bringing a smile to our faces.


Rape – medicin from Amazonia

|Author: Ana Slavinec |

Rapé is a sacred medicine used by tribes in the Amazon for millennia.

Rapé is a mixture of powdered medicinal herbs. Its preparation and ingredients vary according to the culture and customs of shamans, healers who make it.

The medicine is ground into a fine powder and blown into each nostril with a blower (usually made of bamboo).

The first sensation is burning, but tingling and tension may also occur in the third eye, crown chakra, or any other head area. The vast majority also experience irritation in the nasal cavity and sneezing, which is quite normal and even desirable, as sneezing also allows you to clean the nasal cavity and the frontal area where mucus accumulates.

It is essential to hold the medicine in for a few minutes before blowing it out. However, when the cleansing of the nasal cavity begins, we thoroughly clean it all and do not try to keep anything in the nostrils. The medicine sometimes also tries to clean the mucus that accumulates in the throat, leading to vomiting.

Mucus and small particles that gather in the head’s frontal lobe area can cause many discomforts on the physical level, such as allergies, headaches, sinus problems, or difficulty breathing through the nose.

On the energy level, they prevent the impeccable and coordinated functioning of the third eye chakra.

How does the Rapé medicine ritual take place? 

We can blow the medicine into our nostrils with a self-applicator pipe called a Kuripe. It can be blown into us by another person, with a pipe called Tepi, intended for sharing medicine with others.

It is vital that when we share the medicine with others, we must be present “in the moment” with balanced energy and harmony. We vibrate in Love and share it with the right purpose. Otherwise, negative energy or negative emotions can be transferred to the other person while blowing the medicine.ž

It is also vital that we use Rapé in the right way.

It often happens that some people use Rapé casually, without purpose, without a ritual, while watching television or while performing some other activities. They use it for revitalization and instant relaxation, which does not represent the proper respect or more profound connection with the medicine it deserves.

Medicine should be used as medicine – with purpose, respect, and in the proper circumstances.

Before snuffing Rapé medicine, we calm down for at least a minute or two. We focus our intention on the ritual ahead. We can light a candle on our altar, an incense stick, a Palo Santo stick, or any other incense we use, thus getting the room ready to use this medicine. Only then can we blow the medicine into both nostrils.

Rapé can be used as a drug to free up and prepare an individual for other rituals, sound therapies, or similar ceremonies for raising vibration or any other spiritual activity. Its energy grounds us in the Present, calms our thoughts, increases concentration, and relaxes our body and mind.

Rapé is not a psychoactive medicine and does not cause visions, but it can help with meditation, visualization, and other energy practices when used correctly and for its intended purpose.

Other uses for Rapé:

  • Relieving headaches and chronic migraines
  • Treatment of sinusitis and pollen allergies, animal hair, etc.
  • Helps to clear the full nose when having a cold
  • Cleanses and harmonizes our energy field, especially the third eye chakra
  • It connects us to the Cosmic Energy and the energy of Mother Earth

To learn more about the medicine and the Rapé ritual, contact:

Darija at [email protected] or

Ana at [email protected]



Pi stones

Torus-shaped stones

Pi stone is a small circular stone with a hole in the middle. This shape is also known as a torus (a three-dimensional disc with a hole in the middle).

In symbolism, Pi stones have many different meanings. One of them is that they represent our energy field and the energy of the Universe. Their round shape also refers to Unity.

The unique shape of Pi stones allows energy to flow from below through the center, around and over the shape, back down on the sides and up again through the center. It is a constant three-dimensional flow of energy. Energy similarly circulates in humans. It goes up through the middle of the body, across the crown chakra, and down through the radiant energy body. A torus energy field that surrounds us is created in this way.

Traditionally, torus-shaped stones were used for protection. They protect our energy field by strengthening it.

The Pi stone shape is found all over the world. Among many things, it symbolizes a portal, a transition to other dimensions, other worlds. The stones are just symbols that remind us that actually, we are these portals. When we accept this and become an entry point to infinity, our radiant energy body frees itself from the shackles of time. We will no longer be puppets of the past and our past experiences. We will become our future and the destiny that reaches back and pushes us into self-knowledge and awareness.

Pi stones represent our strength and ability to act as conductors of energy. They are the stones of manifestation.

Pi stones in Macrame wrapping >>

Natural Incense – Palo Santo and Sage


White sage grows along the California coastal mountains. It is one of the most potent herbs used for ceremonial smoking. It has a rich aroma and a strong purifying effect that works both on the energetic and physical levels (it has also been proven to remove bacteria from the air).

Due to its wide range of beneficial effects, it has been considered sacred for a long time. You can use it for cleansing a room, a person, or an object. It could be burned as a sacrifice or as a gift for the Spirits.



Blue sage grows from North to Central America. Its flowers are a beautiful purple-blue color, hence its name.

The scent of blue sage is less intense than the scent of white sage. Therefore, it is suitable for people who feel that the scent of white sage is too strong for them.

It has a similar objective as white sage; it also has a strong purifying effect on all levels.



Cedar is one of the essential plants traditionally used for ceremonial smoking and protection. It has a gentle but significant effect. First and foremost, cedar is an herb used for protection. It cleanses the room of all previous, unwanted energies and protects people, spaces, or objects from unwelcome effects, energies.

Traditionally, cedar is used in rituals performed in Indian saunas called “Temazcal.” A pinch of dried cedar is placed on the smoldering stones, where it immediately releases its purifying smoke and its rich aroma. Cedar smoke draws in all the supporting energies and spirits and eliminates everything we don’t need.

Cedar is one of the four sacred plants used in the traditional Indian medicinal wheel. It represents South. The other three sacred plants are white sage – West; sweetgrass – North and tobacco – East.


Yerba Santa, or Holy Herb, grows along the California coastal mountains. It is a sacred plant of Native Americans, known for its healing powers.

It supports the respiratory system, makes breathing easier, liberates the heart and lungs, and releases unexpressed emotions. Yerba Santa nurtures and protects. Use it when you need encouragement and bravery. It can be used for cleansing a room, a person, or an object. It could be burned as a sacrifice or as a gift for the Spirits.

Due to its wide range of beneficial effects, the Holy Herb has always been used to prepare healing ointments and teas.



Light the incense and let it burn for a moment, blow it out and place it on a fireproof surface, container or seashell. The roll will burn on its own, releasing rich, aromatic smoke.

The incense needs plenty of air to produce enough smoke. Traditionally a large bird feather has been used for this purpose.

The process can be repeated whenever the incense stops smoking. When finished cleansing, simply leave the roll in a fireproof container.

If the incense burns very strongly and does not stop smoking, the lit part of the incense can be pressed moderately against the bottom of the fireproof container extinguishing the fire smoke completely.

If you have scraps or debris of incense or crushed cedar leaves, they can be placed in a small container or a seashell and lit with a lighter. These remains will also catch fire. Blow them out and do your cleansing.

Incense scarps can also be lit with the help of charcoal. Light one charcoal and place it in a fireproof container. When the charcoal smolders, sprinkle a pinch of incense on it. The incense will immediately begin to release its aromatic smoke.

How to use a pendulum

A pendulum is an object attached to a string or a chain. Pendulums are usually made of metal or crystal.

It is a valuable tool for acquiring information that the ordinary senses cannot recognize. With proper use, it can become an extension of a person’s insights.

We choose the suitable pendulum for ourselves, following the principle of resonance. We accept the one which we feel is ideal for us. It will be the one that “calls out to us.” Our rational mind must be involved in the selection process as little as possible. We must let our intuition choose for us.

Choose your pendulum HERE.

The first thing we need to do when acquiring a new pendulum is to clean it energetically. We can do this with smoke (natural incense), water, or in some other way dearest to us. However, the cleansing only works if a firm intention ‘to clean at all levels’ is present.

It is recommended to connect tightly with the pendulum before first use. We can do this by carrying it with us all the time, putting it under the pillow while sleeping, keeping it close while we meditate, etc…

Before using it for the first time, it is vital to find out and determine how the pendulum will communicate with us. We do this by holding the pendulum by the string and simply asking it, “What is the answer for “yes?” The pendulum will swing back and forth or left and right. Sometimes it can also rotate in a circle. If it rotates, remember (or write down) the direction of rotation. Repeat the procedure to get the answer for “no.”

Once we have a clearly defined swing (or rotation) direction for “yes” and “no,” we can start working with our pendulum.

We hold the pendulum in our hand and place the palm of the other hand flat on a table or any other solid surface for grounding. The end of the pendulum string should rest in the right palm, where it acts as an antenna. The pendulum should hang few centimeters below the palm and should not touch the surface of the table. First, we ask for permission to use the pendulum here and now. If the answer is yes, we continue with the questioning.

Please note that you must be fully present and focused on the issue at hand when using the pendulum. The questions should be clear and well-defined.

If the pendulum refuses to move, it means that we are not yet ready for the answer or that we are subconsciously blocking the flow of energy which would help us receive this answer. We must stop asking questions, put away the pendulum, and try later, at a more appropriate time.

Our subconscious mind uses the brain to send signals through neurological pathways that control muscles causing them to twitch and move the pendulum in a specific direction.

Communication with the pendulum also means communication with our inner guidance, our intuition, our subconsciousness. Our thought patterns can restrain the flow of energy, cause us to get indefinite answers, or force the pendulum to stand still.

Pendulum questioning is an elegant tool to help us develop hidden abilities, explore our inner world, and receive essential pieces of information to our insights.