Gateways of Consciousness

A 3 - day workshop for women, presented by Mateya Triglav

"This workshop has been in the making for many years. My guides have been telling me, that the time will come when I will have to share the knowledge and wisdom that is within me, with others. Until recently, I haven't really felt ready for this task, which represents a big responsibility to me.
I firmly believe that the one who wishes to teach something, has to not only go through the things they're teaching, but fully understand them and above all, truly live them.
And so I have dedicated the previous year to myself. I have spent most of the time in complete solitude, surrounded by nature, where I have, through guidance, received a much deeper understanding and knowledge of Self.  Year 2017 has been my big training, initiation, which has allowed me to find myself and to become what I wish to transmit to you as well:

that each of you becomes a Pillar of Strength, which will be of utmost importance now and in the future, when female energy again takes the lead and which will require us to be Lighthouses to those who will not be able to see the Light in the transition period from old to new. - Mateya

Who is this workshop for?

We, women, have within us wisdom, knowledge, intuition... We have lived many lives... as priestesses, shamans, healers, teachers, wise women, keepers of Sacred Knowledge, guardians of the Earth... 

In this life, many of us have been visiting different workshops, classes and trainings... All in search of something which would remind us of who we really are and to ignite our internal fire, which has never really been extinguished, but which we might have been afraid to ignite in its entirety, or have simply forgotten how.

I have created the Gateways of Consciousness workshop with intention to re-ignite this divine spark within you. To remind you, who you really are. To connect the strings, to make you aware of your own Power. To help you realize what is your purpose and how you can fully live it, to become the instrument of Consciousness, a channel, through which the Consciousness and the Divine Plan can fully flow and anchor into the Earth. To allow the female energy to be resurrected on Earth and to be reborn, as a Phoenix, from the ashes of the past thousands of years.

This workshop is meant for women, who have been on a spiritual path for a while now, who already have a certain level of understanding and who wish to finally use and live all the wisdom in knowledge they had within them since always.

We are getting closer and closer to the center of the spiral of Time. There will be a period of big changes on all levels. The time is now. Each and ever woman who realizes her own Power and Potential is crucial, as we are all connected. The transformation we do within ourselves, effects the Consciousness of all humanity - and beyond.

This workshop is a culmination of wisdom, knowledge and different techniques from ancient schools and teachings, which have been woven together from my own memories, life experiences and contemporary scientific understandings. 

On this 3 - day workshop you will :

* receive the universal knowledge of the structure of the universe and the entire existence

* learn more about the history of humanity and the role of women 

* learn the basics of Sacred Geometry 

* remember who you really are and what's your purpose here on Earth

* break some of the deeply rooted mental beliefs, which no longer serve us

* learn to use your voice to activate and heal yourself and others

* heal the wounds, which have been inflicted on women during the time of Galactic Night, personally and collectively

* learn more about yourself and how to truly live your mission

* learn to act, create and live from your center 

* learn to connect with crystals, water, trees, your guides and other beings

* learn more about the Earth, places of power and how to activate them 

* experience the power of forgiveness and compassion 

* discover the power of movement and sacred Dance 

* learn more about male and female energy and the Sacred Marriage between the them

* learn more about sexual energy and how to connect with your womb 

* discover and activate your hidden potentials

* become Pillars of Strength and Portals of Consciousness 

The workshop is designed very fluidly, in a very feminine way and that's how the knowledge will be transmitted to you as well.

You can also expect lots of dancing, singing and fun, relaxing moments.

There will be water, fresh fruits, sweet and savory snacks, nuts and seeds and different kinds of tea and coffee available at all times during the entire workshop.

I hope we will make a step together on a path of co-creation of this New Era, which will be led by wisdom, gentleness, compassion and above all, Heart. 

- Mateya

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Kdo je Mateya Triglav?

Alkimistka. Ustvarjalka. Popotnica. Plesalka. Ljubiteljica narave. Zdravilka. Sanjalka. Učiteljica. Učenka.

Mateya je bila že od svoje rane mladosti zelo povezana z nevidnim svetom. Odkar pomni, so jo zanimala starodavna in mistična znanja, zato je večino svojega življenja posvetila študiju na različnih področjih duhovnosti.

Z namenom ozaveščanja ljudi o starodavnih svetih simbolih, Mateya v prostem času ustvarja tudi nakit in dekorativne izdelke iz lesa, v pisanih barvah, predvsem z njej ljubljeno Rožo Življenja. Izdelke najdete pod imenom Consciousness Codes.

Mateya je od leta 2010 povezana z delom Matiasa de Stefana. Bila je vodja slovenske veje gibanja Harwitum, sedaj pa sodeluje tudi pri projektu YOSOY in je vodja slovenske skupine (JazSem Slovenija).

Od leta 2012 se posveča blogu "You are another Me", s katerim želi med širšo javnost zasaditi seme spominjanja o tem, kdo v resnici smo. Blog je skupek slikovnega gradiva in misli, ki na nevsiljiv način nagovarjajo posameznika o globljem razmišljanju o sebi in svetu. Njenemu blogu trenutno sledi okoli 50.000 ljudi iz vsega sveta.

Ena izmed prelomnic v njenem življenju je bil njen stik z delom Drunvala Melchizedeka. Kot asistentka je vrsto let sodelovala na delavnicah "Prebujanje Razsvetljenega Srca" ("Awakening the Illuminated Heart"), tako v Sloveniji, kot v tujini. Pomagala je tudi pri organizaciji Drunvalovih delavnic v Sedoni ("The way to do is to Be" ter "Cosmic Grace").

Mateya je izvajalka srčnega šamanizma (Shamanic Heart Healing), prav tako pa je vrsto let sodelovala tudi kot asistentka na delavnicah pri nas in v tujini.

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